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JessLee releases the newest single from her STRONG album
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JessLee was honored to have BURN nominated for the 2017 Hollywood Music in Media Awards
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Apologize Music Video
JessLee (featuring Chaz Mazzota) - Studio Version
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Featured Event

Fund Raiser for Nala’s New Life Rescue

Twisted Tuna (Ticketed event)


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Come out to raise funds for this “No Kill” organization.

Hope to see you there.

Nov. 29th

6pm – 9:00pm

Twisted Tuna 4290 SE Salerno Rd, Stuart (Upstairs)


JessLee's Original Music Available on iTunes !


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My Favorite Song – Music Video

Music Video for “My Favorite Song” from JessLee’s

newly-released album, STRONG

Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody and more!

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Apologize (cover) Available on iTunes

Music Video for “Apologize” (Cover) by JessLee and Chaz Mazzota Music

Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody and more!



JessLee was honored to attend the 2017 Hollywood Music in Media Awards at the Avalon Hollywood on November 16th.  She was a global nominee for her song BURN in the Country Music genre category.


Tin Man Music Video

Music Video for “Tin Man” (Cover) by JessLee and Chaz Mazzota Music

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Social Media

Over a short period of time, JessLee has established a strong presence in social media. With over 45,000 combined social media followers, her popularity continues to grow rapidly. Fans can stay informed about JessLee’s concerts, new releases, and other upcoming events.

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JessLee’s  S.T.R.O.N.G. Program is about choosing to make the one and only life you have on earth the best it can possibly be no matter what obstacles stand in your way by remaining mentally, physically, and spiritually diligent.


The S.T.R.O.N.G. program is being presented to elementary, middle and high school youth throughout JessLee’s travels. Contact us to Learn more about the program or to become a partner, sponsor or affiliate. See below

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Good Words – Good People

  • You can always count on JessLee to put on a powerful performance! Damn!!! I gotta remember my cowboy boots the next time I go see her in concert! Yee Haw!!!!

    Ron Hart
    Ron Hart Owner - Terra Fermata
  • While her music is her passion, JessLee is also a fitness enthusiast. 'My mantra is "Music and Muscles!" she said. The music industry and the fitness industry go hand-in-hand. I try to stay in really good shape, because it helps in performing, in breathing and endurance. When you feel like you look good it builds confidence.' The young artist with music and muscles doesn't mind a bit if people are surprised by her.

    Shelley Koppel
    Shelley Koppel Your Voice (Apr 03, 2015)
  • Stuart Resident Celebrates Album Launch (Apr 17, 2015) - JessLee seems to have been born to sing. Her great-grandfather was a concert violinist, her grandparents are lifelong entertainers and her sisters are vocalists who are studying music at college.

    Patricia Strutz
    Patricia Strutz Journalist - TC Palm (April 6, 2015)
  • I came across a song of JessLee's titled, "Mama Raised a Lady", and I was immediately hooked. The musical styling of this song combined with the incredible lyrics instantly made me envision Miranda Lambert singing this as a hit song!

    Missy Wolf Center Stage Magazine
  • Florida has been known for muggy weather, sunny beaches, spring break parties, and now it will be known for the rising star, JessLee. With such an incredible talent, soaring, diverse vocals, and a beautiful masterpiece of appearance, JessLee has made a mark within the music world and rough industry already! With her debut EP, "Just A Kiss", Jess shows her talents!

    Jason Thompson Fire Static Music Reviews
  • I Meant It With You, the track is brilliantly composed and performed. JessLee has the makings of another single with this excellent track. A mellow intro with JessLee`s beautifully controlled vocals blending perfectly with the musical backing. JessLee is without doubt a rising star and definitely an artist to watch out for, the quality of her debut EP has left me wanting to hear more.

    Graham Barnes United Kingdom Review
  • StarStruck is proud to support local artists. It was our pleasure to be the site for JessLee's exciting CD release concert. Everyone in attendance throughly enjoyed her performance. Keep "breaking legs" JessLee and when you hit it big, we will be proud to say you performed on The StarStruck stage!

    Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones StarStruck Academy Theatre / Owner
  • As a broadcaster, I respect the professional sound and quality of JessLee's music; as a war Veteran, I appreciate her songs' ability to provide this Soldier with instant peace. Absolutely!

    Joe Padula
    Joe Padula WJZM RADIO
  • JessLee performs with ease and grace. She has a clean and powerful voice with high-energy and ultra-positive stage presence. We are so proud to have her supporting CVMA with her contributions from: JessLee Just a Kiss album, sales. Her donations from proceeds to combat veterans across America reveals her warm heart!

    Jim Gross
    Jim Gross CVMA Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
  • JessLee, is an incredible singer and she’s motivational to many through her “Music and Muscles”. Her dedication to our country's veterans is an inspiration. She'll go far in the music industry.

    Cody Weekdays with Murph
  • JessLee performed for a crowd of just under 10,000 people at the event and was very well received. Her performance was professional and high energy along with an electrifying stage presence. The JessLee Music staff supported the entire event weeks before with grass roots marketing and physically thanking sponsors for their support. This was a charity based event and that extra mile quite frankly surprised and humbled us on the production end.

    Michael P. Strickland
    Michael P. Strickland Patriot Productions /Executive Producer
  • "The sky really is the limit for JessLee – she’s great!"

    Toby Laek
    Toby Laek WJHL Daytime Tricities TV/Producer
  • JessLee, Thank you for generously giving your time to perform at our 34th Annual Chili Cook Off. Our Guests enjoyed your awesome performance. Your support helped us raise over $60,000.00 for local club memebers.

    Melanie Wiles
    Melanie Wiles St. Lucie Boys & Girls Club
  • We wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for JessLee's participation in the 2016 Dancin' in the Streets!  JessLee's professionalism and contribution to the event as well as the community is greatly appreciated by Stuart Main Street, The Downtown Business Association of Stuart and Terra Fermata.

    Ron Hart
    Ron Hart The Downtown Business Association of Stuart/Terra Fermata
  • It was great working with you! Your team is so full of energy and enthusiasm it is infectious. Hopefully, JessLee's song is a huge international hit, we can book a concert, and we're all here in 6 months filming the third video!

    David Townsend
    David Townsend The Dixie Roadhouse

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