Meet JessLee

My rockin’ country band, y’all !

Dream – Believe – No Limits

JessLee (ONE word with a capital J and L) was born in 1991, spent her early years in Loxahatchee, Florida, where wild hogs, snakes, dirt roads and big trucks were the norm. Born into a family of musicians  music was always playing in this female country singers house. JessLee says family and music are her everything. Even before she could walk she naturally kept rhythm with the music. Believe it or not at age three JessLee already knew what she wanted to do. She took an immediate liking to country music and she sang it all the time. From the time she started Kindergarten she was invited to sing with the Young Americans. She loves to perform the National Anthem. She has been in front of large audiences at Major and Minor League (Marlins, Cardinals, Braves) Baseball , College and High School Stadiums plus many other venues and events like the Military Expo, Stephen Siller Foundation, Aaron Vaughn Foundation, and POW/MIA National Foundation.  She’s won many vocal competitions as a country singer. The spark that really lit up JessLee was when she wrote her first song, “Hold it in Your Hands”, at age 9 and won Florida District PTA contest.  Since then, she has continued to write many country music songs. She is the recent winner of 2016 Treasure Coast I Heart Radio Country Showdown.

JessLee has always been inspired by her grandparents who spent their lives doing what they love most, working together as professional musicians. Family gatherings were surrounded with music. More than anything, JessLee loves to perform on stage. Inspiring a crowd with her music is the icing on the already amazing musical cake. She has an ability to connect her own feelings through the crowd to feel her passion. Music  is inside her soul.

You may know of JessLee’s successes on Season 13 of American Idol. The experience taught her a lot about the industry and gave her that extra push to take a hold of her dreams. Always motivated, but now even more driven to just go for it! Hard work and perseverance is what it takes to be a top country singer and she says, “Music is the love of my life and I am willing to work hard at achieving my goals.”

Life has already brought so many positive and negative experiences to JessLee. She says “I have learned so much. Like how to be confident not cocky, flexible yet true to self, marketable and have fun. “She says, “I also have learned how to properly handle criticism. The good news is that everyone has their own opinion and thank God we can, in the USA, the greatest country in the world.  I believe the key is trusting in God and together turn ANYTHING negative into another motivating step closer to my dreams.”

JessLee is a fitness activist! She believes that God wants us to take care of our body.  It is HIS temple. Fitness has taught the country music singer to be strong not just in mind, but also body and soul. Staying active and healthy keeps her strong and motivated for performances. Her mantra is:  “Music and Muscles” (Fitness website

JessLee has enjoyed performing throughout Florida. Sometimes she does a more intimate performance with just an acoustic accompaniment and other times she rocks out with her awesome band. She has performed at Freedom Fest, Oktoberfest, Spirit of Suwannee River, Miami 911 Tunnel to Towers, Stuart Air Show and more. Her Favorite performance moment was on stage with LOCASH during their #1 Hit:  I LOVE THIS LIFE. She opened for them and enjoyed every moment.

At this time, JessLee is an independent artist.  She self-released her first EP recorded in Tennessee which was released April 17, 2015. She has since had many album reviews around the world, concerts, and interviews including her most recent appearance on WJHL Daytime TV in Tennessee.

JessLee is passionate about supporting our veterans. She is a proud supporter of the CVMA. “Veterans helping Veterans” She is grateful to all veterans. Remembering John 15:13 ” No greater love then to lay down one’s life for a friend.” JessLee says, “American Veteran’s choose every day to put their lives in harm’s way to insure the freedom of our country.”
JessLee quotes: “God gave me a big voice and big dreams…We will all soon find out what I can do with them.”


4/17/2015 released: JessLee Just a Kiss 5 song EP on ITUNES AMAZON and streaming sites. It includes:  Just a Kiss, Move Along, Mama Raised a Lady, I Meant it with you and She’s Me.

October 24, 2015  kicked off her Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) fundraiser. She donates $2.00 from every sold album:  JessLee Just a Kiss to the CVMA.

04/19/2016 Released single: GIRL CODE

11/12/2016  Released single: Christmas in America

01/28/17  Released single: BURN

01/29/17 Released music video: BURN Nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Country genre. The awards will take place in Hollywood California on  Novemeber 16, 2017

Stay tuned for more details on JessLee and her country music ventures!


website:  YouTube and Facebook: @JessLeeMusic  Twitter and Instagram @JessLeeCountry

Meet The Band

Mike Hughes
Mike HughesDrums

Mike Hughes,multi-versed percussionist, took up percussion at age nine. Growing up in Vero Beach, FL,  he played top seat in all the musical ensembles including: Jazz, Symphonic, Orchestral and Percussion at Vero Beach High.  There, he was selected as an All-County & All-State musician all four years. Continuing on to achieve a certificate in Music Performance (Emphasis in Music Education) from the University of Florida, again he held top honors & top seat in the University Orchestra and University Wind Symphony. During his college time, Mike was privileged to perform in the Florida Gators 2006 National Championship Game.  Mike continues to master his craft. He’s been involved in all aspects or percussion including: Marching band technician, professional orchestras, recording, private teaching, gigs and road performances. Currently living on Florida’s Treasure Coast in Stuart, he especially enjoys his concerts with top country singer: JessLee. When he is not on drums he enjoys woodwork, sports, and family. Mike hopes to one day have his drum sound heard on the radio.

Nick Jones
Nick JonesBass/Audio Specialist/Backup drums

Nick Jones, bass player, sound tech and back up drummer for the country singer JessLee. He was born in Boca Raton, FL.  He moved to Stuart, FL  in 1996 and has lived there ever since. He is also the backup drummer in JessLee’s band. Nick started playing music as a young boy. He played trumpet first then found his principle instrument drums, as a teenager. He soon discovered he had perfect pitch. Nick says this is a blessing and he loves to create harmonies with his gift. He performed in school and also with his friends and brother Jordan developing skills while realizing his passion for music. He has performed in a variety of genres with these bands: The Chaise, Waverly Hills, and Free Bacon. Nick has also performed in bands for several churches. While working with some of these bands he naturally assumed position of stage sound technician. He is self-taught and still takes every opportunity to work with other sound technicians to learn more. Nick says he is addicted to digital sound technology and drums. Nick also says he is very grateful to be part of the JessLee team and especially working side by side with a top female country singer.

Rob Leveille
Rob LeveilleElectric Guitar

Robert Leveille was born and raised in St. Lucie County, Florida. Thanks to his Grandpa, he spent much of his youth growing up with snakes, mud, and heavy equipment. The first time he picked up a guitar was age fifteen and he has played ever since. Robert’s biggest influences in music were: Lynyrd Skynyrd ,Van Halen, and Hank Williams Jr. He has performed with Stewart Band, Hatred 454, and Acoustical Notes.  One of his fondest musical memories was in his own stomping ground at Archies Seabreeze  Ft. Pierce. Robert said, “This is my first time performing with a top female country singer. JessLee is more country rock. She reminds me of Linda Rondstat. She likes the added rock touches that I bring to the band.” When Robert isn’t performing electric guitar and rockin with the band and JessLee, he is working as a technician at Victory Dealership in Ft. Pierce and enjoying married life with lovely wife Laura.

Jon Sills
Jon SillsLead Acoustic Guitar

Jon Sills, born and raised on Long Island, backing vocalist and lead acoustic guitarist for JessLee, has a diverse performance history. His first ventures into music were original projects. He toured the New York tri-state area in his early years, performing such venues as The Bitter End and Irving Plaza. He continued to expand his work and later moved to Port Saint Lucie where he began a career as an original and cover artist at local ice cream shops and bars. He saw success as a solo acoustic artist and open mic host, and he has made a name for himself at Orlando venues and down the Treasure Coast. He is proud to say he was active in the relief effort for the Pulse tragedy, performing and assisting in multiple benefit concerts. He is a video game enthusiast who enjoys hatching eggs in Pokemon GO while riding his bike. Becoming part of this group reunites Jon with former Free Bacon band mate Nick Jones! Jon is excited to join the JessLee team, and to promote the positive message she embodies in her lyrics and in life.

Rick Bowman
Rick BowmanAcoustic Guitar

Rick Bowman was born and raised in Johnson City, TN and in high school, for the Blue Devils marching band, he played saxophone and trumpet. Rick attended East Tennessee State University and then the US Air force. He continues to play multiple instruments and is one of  JessLee’s acoustic guitar players and back up vocalist. Rick’s early music career started with him performing Classic Rock. Some of the favorite bands he has performed with include: Destiny, Skin Tight & The Answer (signing a record contract with GL Records & recording in Miami his first 12 song album at Criteria Recording Studios, which later was mastered in Ft. Lauderdale at New River Studios) The Answer went on the intercollegiate radio (ICR) tour where three of the band’s songs hit the top 10.  JessLee says, “Rick has a fun and energetic way that is contagious. ” and Rick says, “My favorite song is every song on the Album: JessLee Just a Kiss.”

JD Loookadoo
JD LoookadooInstrumentalist / Vocals

JD Lookadoo, often performs Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Backing Vocals for JessLee.  JD is a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA.  He has performed many music genre in show bands as well as playing in the pit orchestra for the Broadway musical Oklahoma.  He performed seven years with successful singer, songwriter, recording artist (Dance With Me Cowboy) Lois Lane.  JD earned a B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology and is a board certified medical scientist.  His other interest include raising awareness about the importance of annual cancer screening and the neutering of pets to reduce unwanted pet euthanasia.  JD is a Christian.  Music is JD’s first love and he loves to perform with female country singer JessLee!

Jim McManus
Jim McManusPedal Steel

Jim McManus a/k/a JimmyMac (JessLee calls on Jim when she needs to have her  “Secret Weapon” on stage.). Jim has performed steel guitar & dobro for over 35 years. Originally from New Jersey he has performed road gigs and extensive studio work throughout NJ, NY, PA, TN & FL. Jim has performed with many known artists: Hickory Wynd, The Desperate Men, The Buddy Moffit Band, Johnny Paycheck, Hank Jr., The Band, The Poques with Joe Strummer, The Landsharks, Matt Manning, & Jensen Beach Allstars, to name a few. Jim’s favorite gig was at the Grand Ole Opry with Tommy Shafer & The Blue Mr. Ramblers. Earlier years Jim drove a tour bus or semi for name acts and often performed with them. Jim is now married to his beautiful wife, Julie. He is still driving around the country but really enjoys when he performs with JessLee playing steel, dobro and slide guitar.